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A Masterful Surgeon with a Gift for Transformation!

From my very first consultation with Dr. Katie Yonker to the final reveal of my transformation, the experience with this incredibly talented plastic and reconstructive surgeon has been nothing short of remarkable. She has proven to be a true artisan, combining her medical expertise with a sculptor’s precision.

Dealing with fibrocystic breast disease which caused my breasts to become overly large was uncomfortable, caused shoulder and neck pain, and was emotionally distressing. I carried the burden of a size E, but thanks to her exceptional skills, I now enjoy the comfort and beauty of a full B cup with a symmetrical appearance that exceeded my expectations.

Her professionalism, combined with a warm and reassuring bedside manner, made the journey through surgery less daunting. She has a way of instilling confidence, providing comprehensive care, and ensuring that every concern is addressed with empathy and expertise.

I am beyond thrilled with the results and the newfound confidence that has come with it. For anyone contemplating breast surgery, whether it’s for reconstruction, reduction, or any other related procedure, I highly recommend Dr. Yonker!
-Angie D

My name is Deanne Glomboske-I had a reduction and I couldn’t have had a better experience-starting with the first visit putting me at ease to through the surgery itself and the aftercare visits- I have just one more for clearance and I’m very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Yonker!
– Matthew Reilly

“Dr. Yonker is amazing! I had a severe ear injury and she did such a great job reconstructing it that you can hardly even tell it’s there. She is not only professional but she has a great bedside manner and made me as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. I feel very fortunate to have had her perform the procedure.”
-Amy V.

“Dr. Yonker and her staff are absolutely amazing! She pays attention, she is thorough and does whatever she can to ensure health comes first. I feel incredibly confident in her work. I see her for my post op care (which if you guys know, post op care is the biggest part of this journey!!- anyone can get on a table and have work done.. but taking care post op is the biggest part!) She makes me feel very comfortable and I know that I’m in excellent hands. Shes incredibly knowledge, and she has a warm personality that just makes you feel good and safe! Im grateful to have found her and her staff! They return calls promptly and always have good energy in the office .”
-Carissa L.

“Dr Yonker is an amazing person and surgeon, she has made my whole process a lot less scary!!! 100% recommend!”
-Alexandria L.

“Dr. Yonker is an exceptionally skilled and sincerely compassionate surgeon.
My situation was that after a lifetime of estrogen dominance and (as a result) breasts that were quite too big and heavy for my body frame, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. After treatment I came to Dr. Yonker for internal/external scar removal and tissue reduction.
**Dr. Yonker gave me beautiful breasts at the exactly the right size for my body without any surgery lumps, or bumps; all the ugly, thick scar tissue is gone; and I have only thin, faint ‘seam’ lines. I can wear a bikini, or be comfortable to go braless! Following surgery performed by Dr. Yonker I feel comfortable in my own body for the first time in my life and I am enjoying the peace of mind that goes with that.** Throughout my time with Dr. Yonker, she cares sincerely, and she always hears and understands me during consultation and follow-up care. I am being quite frank in my review with the hopes that other women will also choose the truly life-changing experience of having Dr. Katie Yonker as their surgeon. *Her medical staff and Monica her medical nurse are also always welcoming and kind*.”